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End of Day 1

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We made it!  We left Burnsville at 6:30pm and drove and drove and drove which honestly felt like days and at 10am Thursday made it to Greenwood Village, CO.  For those of you who drive from Minneapolis to Denver without stopping....I don't know how you do it!  Especially at 5am when its still pitch black, the whole car is asleep and your eyelids are so heavy toothpicks won't hold them up.

The girls have been fabulous travelers!  I've only heard "are we almost there yet?" once and I was feeling the same way, so we could understand the feeling.  As some of you heard this morning the "boarders" of states have been very very exciting!  We are stopping at the visitors centers in each state to pick up our free maps which seem like the coolest thing ever when your 6 & 9 years old.  They have decided that there is a bridge at the boarder of every state.  So far its 3 for 3, but its something I've never noticed before.

The cows & hay bales in Colorado are fascinating.   The cows (which just might be steer) are black.  Not choc brown or white with black stops but dark black.  And the hey bales!  Holy moly!  They are longer & taller than most strip malls!

Tonight we are going with Brien Greens family to Dave & Busters.  Everyone is excited about that!  Hopefully the 4 hour cat naps that we had will give us enough energy to stay up past 8pm.  

In the morning we have to leave the hotel at 6:30am to go to the Denver Mint for a tour.  The girls are very excited, they are curious if they are going to get free money!  Lets hope!


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Road Trip 2011

Denver, Cortez, Santa Fe, colorado springs, USA