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Bula friends,

(Bula =hello).  We had an absolute blast in the Fiji islands this week.  After our amazing trip to New Zealand, we weren’t sure we could top it, but this trip sure came close.  We started our 10 day island hopping adventure by staying our first night at the Sheraton Fiji in Denarau (an awesome 5 star resort by the port – we got a great industry rate of course J).  We had an ocean front room and it included an incredible buffet breakfast the next morning.

 That morning we went to the port and got aboard the Yasawa flyer that took us on our island hopping adventure through the Yasawa Islands.  Again, I got us an amazing industry deal and we went in style and got to sit in the “Captain’s Lounge area” that had comfy leather seats, complimentary drinks and snacks, and A/C.  This was great, because our first island was a 4 hr boat ride away to the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort.  This area was where they filmed the movie the Blue Lagoon.  The water is absolutely gorgeous, and we stayed in this small property that only had about 12 bures (small huts/individual rooms).  The property was really nice and had beautiful outdoor bathrooms and a secluded beach with a pristine coral reef at our doorstep.  We quickly got into “Fijian time” and enjoyed our days lying in hammocks, snorkeling & swimming in the crystal clear warm waters, and eating delicious fresh seafood and fruit.  We spent two nights at the Blue Lagoon Resort and the highlights were taking an excursion to some amazing lime stone caves and watching Top Gun on the beach under the southern stars.

After the Blue Lagoon we made our way to Nanuya Island Resort just one island over.   This was a short transfer, and we had another Bula welcome and were happily surprised to find that this resort was even nicer than the last one.  This was more of a couples/honeymoon type place and they really made the entire stay feel very special. The Bures were up on a hill in this beautifully landscaped rainforest and had great views of the turquoise ocean below.  We again enjoyed our time reading/sleeping in hammocks, snorkeling on the amazing coral reef just 10 meters out, and eating more amazing food.  This was actually the place where they filmed the Blue Lagoon and we were able to swim around in the warm blue waters like the little kids did in the movie (we would have been happy to have been stranded there).   We even got a chance to go diving at this resort and did another shark feeding dive.  It was awesome and we got to see lots of black tipped reef sharks, and we even got to see a large (12 ft) lemon shark!

We were sad to leave this resort, but excited to go on to our next and final resort in the Yasawas.  Our next island was Botaira Beach Resort about 2 hrs away.  The resort is located on the most beautiful white sand beach, and it had the best soft coral reef right outside our ocean front Bure.  Overall, this would have been just as amazing as the last 2 resorts (comparing the location and accommodation), but unfortunately it was VERY poorly run and the staff were quite rude which kind of ruined the other wonderful things.  We loved falling asleep at night listening to the waves crashing at our doorstep, and we couldn’t get enough of the snorkeling there.  The reef was so alive, colorful, and full of all kinds of fish – we even got to see a lion fish, and morea eel along with the other thousands of fish.  It was the best snorkeling I’ve ever done in my life!  Another highlight was going to church at the local village, and getting to know a really nice Norwegian couple that was taking a 5 month trip around the world.

Sadly, we had to leave the amazing Yasawa Islands after 2 nights there and make our way back to the main island.  Luckily the holiday wasn’t over because we had 2 comp nights at the Fijian Shangri-la 5 star resort!  It was so nice to end our trip in a luxury resort and we really spoiled ourselves while we were there.  We went diving one more time, Oscar took private golf lessons on a beautiful oceanfront course, and then treated ourselves to the most amazing couples massage ever.  The massage was in the ocean front honeymoon suite bure and oh my gosh it was incredible!  If anyone is looking for a place for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, this would be the perfect place!  Anyway, we had 2 more amazing nights in Fiji and then spent our final night back at the Sheraton Fiji before we were to fly out.  Our last night we were able to see the Culture dinner show and see some Fijians walk on fire and eat a traditional Fijian feast!  It was the perfect ending to our amazing time in Fiji.

We were getting used to this Fijian lifestyle and were sad to leave, but we were excited because we were going to see my parents that day.  Oscar & I had planned it so we would surprise my parents in the Nadi airport.  They had a lay over there and we were able to fly on the same flight with them to Sydney.  They thought we were flying back the day earlier, so they were super surprised when we saw them in the airport!  It was great!

Now, we are in Sydney and enjoying spending time with my parents and showing them around this beautiful city.  Yesterday we saw a little of the city and had an early night because of the time change.  Today we had an incredible day.  We ate breakfast at famous Bill’s and then spent the day at the Taranga Zoo, walking through the Botanic Gardens, and ending with a famous Tiger meat pie at Harry’s Café de wheels J!

Tomorrow we are exploring the eastern beaches walkway, and showing them around Paddington where we live and then Sunday we are off to the Whitsunday Islands for a week!  Fun! Fun!

Well, sorry for such a long update – so much to tell!  We will be in touch soon and give you some updates on our fun weeks with my parents.  We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Merry Christmas!


Piper & Oscar


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