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Venice holiday

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Popular lore has it that Venice is a dazzling city filled with lovers strolling along its canals and gondola drivers singing out 'O Sole Mio' as they gently glide their gondolas under the bridge of sighs. Venice is a dazzling city - meant to be strolled and the gondolas are its most enduring symbol. Canals and waterways of Venice form a major tourist attraction and are today responsible for the millions of dollars of earning, they are also slowly eating away at the very foundations of the city.

It is such a bewitching city that most rich and famous make a point to visit yearly. The Venice Film Festival alone attracts visitors in the international art world every year. Many of Venice's attractions have been noted in countless movies and novels. Venice is renowned for its unique and rich architectural style.The city is also a major shopping centre. Most of the fashionable shops and boutiques are in the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.Venice is most famous for this glass work that is often called Venetian glass. The good news is that Venice hotels are not only for the rich and famous. There are budgets that fit anyone visiting this beautiful city. It is a good idea to research the many excellent hotels of the area and pick what is best for you and your budget.

Unless you were travelling by air and land on an around the world trip, what other holiday would you get to see such a great mixture of cities and countries. With many vessels sailing from the UK making them no fly cruises, Mediterranean cruises (Venice) are ideal for those looking to avoid the hassle that comes from air travel.

The city is lively with budget travelers, backpackers and the elite, all soaking in the unique experience of being in a museum that lives. The city changes you when you see what was achieved on so little land under such adverse circumstances.

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Venice holiday

venice, United Arab Emirates

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