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Madrid's Night Life

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When you are in Spain and looking for a good night out you need look no further than its capital Madrid. Madrid is sometimes referred to as the night life capital of Europe.

It is hard to imagine but Madrid has been said to have about 344,000 different bars for people to choose from when they visit Madrid for a night out. Not that you could visit them all even if you wanted to.

It is not uncommon to see lots of people still out and about in the early hours of the morning in Madrid. You could in fact still get caught up in traffic at that time of the morning. This is the reason why many locals are commonly referred to as Gatos which is the local term for cats.

It is not uncommon either to see lots of children in many of the bars and restaurants and even pubs in Madrid although it is not really recommended that you let them go in. Most bar owners like to be informed first if you plan to let your children go in to their establishments.

It is thought that this nightlife scene stemmed from the 80's when King Juan Carlos I finally brought back democracy to the Spanish people. Many youths that had spent many years being oppressed under the dictatorship of Spain at the time used to use the streets as a way to express their feelings; this gave rise to the Madrid movement.

This new Cultural Revolution was sparked by many Musicians, writers and many other intellectuals at the time.

Now thanks to these changes in Spain's culture you will find many clubs open from midnight until the very early hours of the mornings from about Thursday to Sunday.

The Spanish people just love to be able to go out and experience life how it should be by eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time.


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