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Discover Madrid

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Introduction Madrid

Madrid is one of the highest cities in Europe, and its clear, blue skies give rise to the Spanish saying, "De Madrid al cielo".Madrid is located to the south of the mountains of "Guadarrams" at 2.100 metres above sea level,and along the sides of the "Manzanares" river. The population of the City is in the region of five million. The climate is relatively cooled by cool mountain breezes during its hot summers .


It is not a city of great sights, especially in terms of architecture, but this is more than compensated for by its two main attractions: its museums and its nightlife.ts parks are also outstanding, and its restaurants allow you to sample the best cuisine from all over Spain, as well as South America and elsewhere. It is an ideal choice for a citybreak  or for a longer stay, particularly if used as the base to explore the centre of Spain — Toledo, Ávila, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares and Segovia are some of the places within easy reach.


The city balances high culture and fun admirably well. Madrid possesses some of Europe's best museums yet also manages to lure tourists (and locals) to flashy flamenco performances. Madrid's culture is external, focused on the street. Both the city's broad boulevards and knotty alleys are riots of energy until late in the evening. Madrid is best absorbed without extraordinary effort.


It’s true that Spain’s capital doesn’t have the immediate cachet of Rome, Paris or even that other city up the road, Barcelona. Its architecture is beautiful, but there’s no Colosseum, no Eiffel Tower, no Gaudí-inspired zaniness to photograph and then tell your friends back home, ‘this is Madrid’. But this city is an idea, a way of living for the moment that can be hard to resist.



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Discover Madrid

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