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The Surprise

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So Thursday July 10th, I hoped on a plane from Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA and met up with his dad and boarded a plane to Seattle, WA. Even though the flight was 5 hours long, it was over fast. We checked into the hotel, got ready, and headed over to Ft. Lewis. We drove around, staking out our territory and forming the perfect surprise plan. As we were driving around, Hans called and asked what I was doing, hurriedly my mind raced and thought of what time it was at home, and what I would normally be doing at work "it's poker night" I said, and he took that, and apologized for calling me while I was at work.  - Made it through that one. Only 2 hours until the biggest surprise of his life.

We went to the chapel where Hans would be sworn in by his dad. His dad stood right in the lobby with his Navy Whites on - on the right side. I was watching from a classroom on the left side. We knew that he would go straight for his dad. We waited forever for the bus to drive in the parking lot, and then for them to unload. He came in the door, went up to his dad, and his dad started taking his pictures. Before he knew it, I had run up behind him and bear hugged him from behind. He thought it was one of his buddies until he saw my bare arms, not in uniform. He turned his head around, and a big huge grin came over his face. It was the happiest moment of my life. He couldn't stop smiling and hugging me and kissing me. It was so wonderful.


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Seattle, WA