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Stacy's Post: Airport Rendezvous and Drive to La Fortuna

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Costa Rica Day 1

Stacy’s Post

Journal 2


As stated in my earlier post – I love gogo inflight…except that it only works when you are in the Continental United States….so there I am, exchanging emails with Michael about where we are going to meet – feeling less than stellar about our plan…. Go to the Budget counter….walk out the door and I will be there among the other 1000 Costa Ricans….

Well – I hopped off the plane – hit customs (a breeze) – hit the baggage claim (a breeze) – hit the budget counter (easy as pie)…then – hit the pavement… NO MICHAEL! After been hit on by about 20 Costa Ricans – I hopped across the street and posted up waiting. Several folks thought I was making up the “waiting on my boyfriend” for sure as they even asked if I needed a new one.

About 45 minutes later, Michael popped out the same swinging doors that I ventured out 45 minutes before… Somehow – I walked out – he walked in – and 45 minutes later… we find each other with open arms and big kisses…. I sure didn’t want to have to find a new Costa Rican boyfriend so early in my trip (haha).

Off in the Budget Van to get the rental car. Our one concern was trying to upgrade to a SUV based on the feedback about car size and the roads… We got lucky. The one thing I love the most – the GPS.  It really made getting to our destination super easy. As we hit the road to La Fortuna – I promise you the GPS and the map didn’t match. The coolest thing about the GPS – “dangerous bridge ahead” warnings that I forever touted to Michael as he was driving like a true Costa Rican in no time (that means crazy driver – ps). These one lane bridges were crazy.

More to come on our adventure on day soon.


Stacy & Michael


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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 1 - San Jose, Costa Rica