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The Trip begins for Stacy

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2/11/11 - 11:42AM (Stacy's blog)

Yeah! The adventure begins. 

I am on the plane and am looking back to the last 24 hours... and a profound question came to mind:

WHY NO MATTER HOW LONG I PLAN, HOW PREPARED I AM, HOW MANY TIMES BEFORE I HAVE TRAVELED - Trying to pack, get work done and make it to the airport on time stresses me out!!!!!!!!

It all started last night as I was starting the ever tiresome packing escapade. Of course - there was snow on the ground this AM so all adequate clothing for a trip to Costa Rica is safely packed away in the boxes in the garage... And since i am such a detailed and organized person - I could easily find my shorts, bathing suits, cover ups, sundress... Yeah right - You get the picture. Clothing items are thrown ever where.

And some how - this rugged rainforest - beach vacation has two suitcases so full (approximately 99lbs between the two of them - thank goodness - no extra fees) that I could barely put them in the car. 

Finally - I am packed and head downstairs to finish up the last hour of work needed so I can relax... AND - NO INTERNET - REALLY? 

Finally - my head lays to rest after 1am and who knows if I even caught a wink... I never got to talk to Michael so I went to sleep hoping he would meet me at the airport (BAD MICHAEL). 

Thanks to Jen for driving me to the airport. I hugged her and Ms. Lucy sunshine goodbye... and was off!

Anyway - my goal was to get to the airport early enough to hit the Crown Room and enjoy some delicious cocktails, get some work done, but of course- I was running late. So - that didn't happen. But the cute guy at the Delta counter did make sure that on this sold out flight...I have an empty middle seat next to me! This trip is getting better by the minute.

So - the gogo inflight is working, I am enjoying my first cocktail and have to cut this journal short because there really is some work I have to get done so I can cut myself off from clients for a week!

Costa Rica - Here I come! I can't wait. 




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Friday, February 11, 2011

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