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Stacy's Post: Day 2

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Costa Rica
Stacy's Post
Day 2

If anyone knows know that I love my sleep. But, in Costa Rica...when you make the decision to stay at an eco-lodge that does not have air conditioning... you wake up early! Our room - windows open - was filled with the amazing sounds of the Rain Forest. From birds to frogs to howler monkeys - you start your day early on the farm. (PS - it really was nice to get up early and wasn't to difficult as if you remember - we went to bed pretty early).

Breakfast is served on the lodge from 7:30 - 9:30 so we bounded down to the open aired communal breakfast area and enjoyed delicious scrambled eggs, rice/beans and plantains(a standard Costa Rican breakfast). And - let's not forget the great Costa Rican Coffee (They don't have Hazelnut Creamer but it was still tasty). During breakfast, we enjoyed getting to know some of the Yoga Troop also staying here, but we had no time to dilly dally as we had to scamper back to our room to start our first adventure - The Drive to La Fortuna and our first excursion - Canyoneering.

We left early and were able to check out the town of La Fortuna. It's the biggest town we have seen since leaving the airport. It's filled with tons of shops to buy souvenirs and has lots of different bars and restaurants. It is the epicenter for the adventure activities here and much of the area is catered to tourists... 

We were confused about a few things like "Soda Shop" and "Typical Food"... soon to learn that typical foods is Costa Rican style food traditionally served in buffet style with rice/salad/plantains/beans and a meat side. I am still not exactly sure what a "Soda" shop is.

We were picked up in a van to head to Pure Trek the company that would take us into the rain forest and teach us how to rappel down the waterfalls. Our first stop with Pure Trek was to enjoy a delicious Tico style lunch which was truly needed for the adventure we were about to take. 

Our group was full of really friendly and interesting people - just as excited about the excursion as we were. After two vehicles and a safety talk- it was time for our first rappel...and Michael and I were the lucky Guinea Pigs to start it off.

As I pondered about the technique of rappelling - I have to admit I was slightly concerned about the stopping mechanism (which was my right hand closing on the rope) as I was bouncing down a 165 foot waterfall. I didn't have much time to ponder that thought because it was time to step up to the rope - strap it on and turn around for the first step.

AMAZING - is the only thing that I can say about this experience. We did a total of 5 rappels - most of which were right into the water. Michael was amazing and an immediate expert. I thought I started well (one small crash into the rocks) but all in all - not too bad. Make sure you enjoy the video on this one - classic.

PS - our new awesome hiking sandals were perfect for the rappel and all the hikes and the video camera takes amazing HD videos...go buy a Kodak waterproof camera. 

We wrapped up the canyoneering and then headed back to town to grab a much deserved cocktail...and learned more about the Festival La Fortuna I read about in my book. Every town in Costa Rica gets a festival throughout the year that includes carnival games and rides, a discotec and the highly anticipated rodeo.

We got a quick bite to eat - a delicious steak style burrito - along with the most amazing black refried beans we have ever had...and then headed over to the Festival. Although some locals tried to tell Michael that there was no bull riding - we quickly learned that they were incorrect and for about 4000 colonnes - we got two tickets and headed into the ring. 

It wasn't 30 minutes into the Festival of the Bulls that Michael decided he wanted in on the fun and said - "Baby - I'll be back - get the camera ready" and low and behold - he popped right out in the ring. I don't know how close he actually got to the bull....but, I thought it was amazing. Talk about Sexy :)

The only thing left to do was grab some meat on a stick and hit the road. 

On our return drive - we started to think about our "dirt road" that we had to pass in order to make it back to the lodge...and considering it had started to rain... we wondered how challenging that would be. As we turned onto the dirt road - we realized quite quickly that this was going to be another adventure... luckily - no major issues...and we were safe and sound back in the comforts of our lodge before 10pm. We had grand thoughts of posting pictures, enjoying cocktails, but I think it was 5 minutes before Michael was heading into la la land - so off to sleep we go.

I can hardly wait for Day 3!



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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 2 - Canyoneering - La Fortuna, Costa Rica