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Michael's Post - Day 5 (Road Trip, Waterfalls, and the Germans)

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Costa Rica
Day 4
Journal 4

We left Luna Nueva hotel today.  I think Stacy was not too upset about leaving the rainforest as she was ready to be done with the rain and was ready for some fun in the sun.  As for me, living on a biodynamic farm was so interesting that I can't wait to get back.  Anyone interested in learning more should check out their site -

We had our last delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, rice and beans and eggs and then packed up 'Little Gringo'.

On our way out the door we had to check out the observatory...

And we had to say goodbye to our new friends Owen and Tony.

The drive from La Fortuna to Playa Grande is supposed to be a romantic and surreal drive that is reminiscent of a drive through the Swiss country side.  That description is dead on as Stacy and I had an enchanted drive that included two wonderful characteristics - first the beautiful countryside and second the small little restaurants off the beaten path, each with their own unique flare.

Our first stop was 'Tom's Pan' in Nueva Arsenal.  This is a psuedo-famous German bakery.  

Tom's was very busy for such a small little mountain town and the menu was full of authentic German food.  We got some delicious desserts for a snack and enjoyed the atmosphere.  Additionally, Tom was quite the character.  Always on the move with a great attention to detail.

Stacy and I agreed that the greatest snacks at Tom's was the coffee and the apple strudel (we also got blueberry cheese cake and German chocolate cup cake).

After spending some time on a great little souvenir shop, we were back into little Gringo and back on the road.  

Two quick comments about Colorado.  First, Nueva Arenal reminded me of Estes Park.  Second, we've run into a dozen people from Colorado.  We laugh every time we ask someone where they are from because we know it is a 50/50 chance they are from Colorado.

Our next stop was Macadamia Cafe for some delicious coffee, a quick video, and some macadamia nuts.  I thought the back patio was layered with gravel, but it turns out it was layered with macadamia nut shells.  Very cool.

Our next and final stop on the drive was to a series of four waterfalls outside of Tillaran at Viento Fresco.  While waterfalls can always be fun - my biggest issue was whether we would fully appreciate them because I figured there would be a long line of tourists and the whole scene would be like Disneyland.

I am happy to report that Stacy and I represented 100% of the people who showed up that day.  It certainly couldn't get any better than that (as you can see from the amazing pics).

After the waterfalls we finished the drive to Playa Grande.  Our hotel here, Hotel Cantarana ( is quaint, immaculate, and beautiful.  There are only four rooms and it is run by a German couple Rienhart and Marion.  

Once we checked in, we grabbed a bite to eat at Bula Bula Hotel, and then we were ready to crash from another day of amazing experiences in Costa Rica.



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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5 - Travel to Playa Grande, Costa Rica