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Michael's Post - Day 7 (Big Red and Fat Albert)

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Costa Rica
Day 6
Journal 6

For breakfast each morning we often have unexpected company - exotic navy blue birds that like to swoop across the table and grab our food.  For this reason, along with setting out coffee, the staff also sets out squirt guns for squirting the birds as they come in.  Reinhart, the owner, is the master at squirting these prey before they get away with anything.

We began our day today with one more try with out mismatched surfboards (Mr. Fin and Papa Smurf).  From our hotel it is about a five minute walk to the beach.  We chose to drive about one minute and park at the inlet, giving us a short fifty feet walk as you can see below.

After a bit of surfing we quickly decided to visit Frijoles Locos Surf Shop to trade in our surfboards.  I got rid of Mr. Fin and traded him in for Big Red, a 9 foot long, high performance, long board.  Stacy traded in Papa Smurf for Fat Albert Sunshine, and 8' 2" unpadded long board.

We met Doug for our 10a.m. lesson and Stacy and I were much better surfers with our new boards.  We both did a great job popping up and catching waves.  Hats off to Doug for reading the tides, winds, swells, and beaches right because we had some great waves.

I love surfing.

After the 90 minute lesson it was time for a nap on the beach and some fun in the sun.  And then more surfing!!

After a fantastic day of surfing, we headed to Rip Jack's for some calamari.

At Rip Jack's we got to spend some good quality time with Rienhart before he headed off to Washington D.C. It was good to learn about this area (over a twenty year period he was the principal developer of Palm Beach Estates - our hotel and a couple of dozen other hotels and properties).

After Rip Jack's we headed to Bula Bula for a dinner of carnitas enchiladas and mixed seafood grill.

Stacy and I were both beat from the hard core surfing and called it an early night.



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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 7 - Surf Camp Day 2 - Playa Grande, Costa Rica