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Stacy's Post - Thursday - Day 2 of Surf Camp

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Costa Rica
Day 6
Stacy's Post

We hopped out of bed like two kids on Christmas morning as we wanted to get some additional practice in before our send surf lesson with Doug. Michael scooped us up some delicious Costa Rican coffee and we hit the beach. 

I have to say I was relatively sore and my legs looked like I had the measles. We had gotten some great insight to our trip to bring industrial strength bug spray called Jungle Juice from REI, but I thought that it was to be used in the rain forest area. Well - I lathered up every day in La Fortuna and left the bugs in the dust with not a single bite. What I quickly came to realize is that the bug spray wasn't for the bush - it was for the beach. And - Wednesday I should have used it and lots of it. My legs and stomach were covered... I didn't make the same mistake twice and made sure at every passing moment I was covered.

Our morning romp in the surf was good - I caught a few waves but was still having trouble popping up. Michael was doing Ok but I think we both quickly realized we may need some additional insight on the best boards to use and the waves were still not quite powerful enough for us to really do any damage as we have been learning the best times to surf.. So - we packed up our boards...and headed back to the restaurant so we could get some energy for our surf lesson at 10am.

I also had quite a rash on the upper parts of my legs as the "soft top" surf board (which I thought was the bee's knees) as tearing up my legs. After spending a few minutes with Coryianne from Friloses Loco's I learned that is NOT what I wanted. So - I traded Papa smurf in for a new white and yellow board that has a great new name - Fat Albert as it had a large belly and would provide the stabilization i needed. We soon realized it was also called Sunshine (what a perfect board for me).

Michael and I headed back to the beach as Doug was waiting for us to begin our lesson. The board (once I got used to it) definitely seemed better but It still took me most of the lesson to get up on any regularity. 

Michael was definitely getting the hang of it and was really get some great waves. The lesson was over quite quickly and we had to say goodbye to Doug. 

Michael and I sat on the beach and ended up meeting an interested couple with two kids down from Colorado. They seemed a little over bearing but friendly so we chatted it up with them for a while and told them about what we had learned of restaurants. We even talked about connecting at Hotel Bula Bula later that evening for drinks.

After we returned to the hotel for blogging time - I quickly realized that I remembered the bug spray but seemingly forgot the sunscreen on several parts of my body... So imagine - bug bites and red legs... an attractive combination.

We showered and headed up to Rip Jack by the beach to check it out and we were in desperate need of food. We ended up sharing some cocktails and cerveza with the owner of our hotel - Reinhart and learned about his history and the challenges with the Costa Rican Government. In the 90's - the Costa Rican government basically decided to "ignore" his property rights and when he would sell lots - buyers could not get permits to build. After returning the money for 18 sold lots - he started a 7 year battle to sue Costa Rica for the rights to build on his land. He was leaving the next day to head to Washington for a 5 day court battle with the World Bank and he was feeling confident.

The atmosphere and view at Rip Jack was great, but the food was less than stellar. Great Ceviche but the calamari which was recommended was rubbery and chewy. Tons of surfers started to venture in as we were headed out and only one thing was on our mind - NO NOT SEX - more food so we posted up to Hotel Bula Bula. We sat at the bar and got some great recommendations from the staff who were quite entertaining. Jesse from the Caribbean "who knew how to get anything in Playa Grande" and Adam - A costa rican native. They recommended the mixed seafood grill and the Carnita Enchiladas. We were well into our dinner when Rob (the beach couple) joined as at the bar, and I quickly realized this was going to be an overbearing and annoying 45 minutes. Rob basically could have had a conversation by himself as he COMPLETELY ignored me and only barely realized that Michael was there as he proceeded to "talk himself up." We learned that although he lived in "Southpark" Colorado - no amount of time in that amazing state would help cover up his true Jersey roots which made him abosolutely annoying.

Thank goodness we finally got the hell out  of there as I was about to KILL HIM.

As we headed back to the hotel - I was not feeling too well. Although I figured it was too much sun and too many bug bites...I will quickly learn that was NOT the case. 

I jumped into bed with the last comment to Michael - "I feel like my body is 45Xs it size"



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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 7 - Surf Camp Day 2 - Playa Grande, Costa Rica