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Michael's Post - Day 8 (Doctor visit, Surfing, and BBQ)

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Costa Rica
Day 7
Journal 7

I woke up at 7a.m. as usual today and headed to the restaurant for some coffee while I let Stacy sleep.  After an hour I found Stacy out on our porch yelling 'Look at my swollen face!!'.  It turns out that she had an allergic reaction to something she ate the day before and we needed to get her to a doctor - fast.

As you can imagine, she did not want any pictures.  Against my better judgement I did snap a quick pic just so you all could see.

In Playa Grande we went to the Medical Facility and the dentist was in but the medical doctor was out.  They said we needed to make an appointment for emergencies.  Seriously?

We left Playa Grande and went to a medical facility in Huacas.  The doctor in Huacas was excellent, gave Stacy a shot and two prescriptions, and we were back on the beach for our noon surf lesson.

To say that I bonded with Big Red more than Mr. Fin (my old surfboard) is an understatement.

The waves were pretty poor because they were breaking too close to the beach, but Stacy and I did a great job surfing and learned a lot from Doug.

We learned about waves to avoid (closed curtain waves) and waves to catch (full waves with right shoulder or left shoulder).

After our surf lesson, it was time for more naps on the beach.

With another great day of surfing behind us, it was time for some food and fun and we explored Playa Grande.

After asking a dozen folks where to eat tonight, they all agreed that BBQ at the restaurant attached to the grocery store was the place to go.  It was delicious and we got to enjoy some live music.

After our dinner, we were off to PGI, La Marejado, and Marbar.

At Marbar I got to have chocolate cake in a bowl of milk - perhaps my favorite dessert of all time.

It was another early night for us as we let our bodies rest in preparation for another day of surfing.


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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 8 - Final Surf Camp -Playa Grande, Costa Rica