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Stacy's Post - Friday - Starts with a Trip to the Doctor.

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Costa Rica
Day 8
Stacy's post

I seemed to have slept in a bit later this morning and when I awoke - I felt weird. Michael was already up and out for coffee so I popped out of bed and hit the bathroom. I actually didn't recognize the person I saw in the mirror. My face and nose was 3x's the normal size and my eyes were practically swollen shut. 


I hopped in the shower...not sure what that was going to accomplish... perhaps it was a bad dream. Nope - I still looked like an elephant woman. I tried not to cry  - grabbed a towel and some ice and tried to see if I could get the swelling down. 

It took Michael about 30 minutes to maneuver his way back to the room and said "Hey Sexy".... all I did was point to my face with my lip quivering. WHOA! I quickly launch into how it had to be an allergic reaction to the bug bites or something crazy. We went down to talk with Marianne to see where the closst Farmacia would be to get some Beneydryl. We had to head about 20 minutes to Huacas, and she recommended we see the doctor. Concerned about how the rest of the trip will fare if I don't get this figured out - we hit the road bound for my first Costa Rican Doctor experience. 

The doctor was quite young but nice and actually spoke some English. We got lucky as this is also the Emergency room and we were quite concerned this could take all day. After about 10 minutes of narrowing down what we think the allergic reaction was too (Damn Seafood Grill at Hotel Bula Bula)... we figured it was relative to a spice in the dish. He gave me two options - shots or pills that could take up to 3 days to work. 

I turned over, Michael grabbed my hand and we waited for the shots knowing that we didn't have days to figure out if I could see the waves coming. We then got some prescriptions for an antihistamine and something for my bug bites.... then popped into a local soda for a quick bite as we missed our delicious hotel breakfast. 

I sat a little dazed hoping the shot would quickly take affect. Michael got some great chicken and I for some reason opted for this dish that looked like an omelet...except it had pasta noodles inside the eggs. HMMMMM!!!!

We got on our way back to Playa Grande and I could start to feel at least part of my face subside and we were back on schedule for our 12pm surf lesson. 

I was a bit out of it needless to say but got some good wave time in towards the end. Doug was not happy with our location for lessons and felt like we got jipped... I think we would agree and got some direction on where to go in the afternoon for better waves. After some downtime - Michael and I grabbed our boards for about a 30 minute walk down the beach to marker 14 for a much better surfing situation. 

After about 2 hours - we pulled ourselves from the water with smiles bigger than rainbows. We had a great surfing afternoon - I probably had some of my best waves here. 

We headed back tot he hotel and got some great recommendations on dinner - the Super Mercado restaurant was featuring BBQ... Not your traditionally American BBQ...delicious grilled pork, chicken, chorizo, beef...along with salad and bake potato. Melt in your mouth delicious. 

The night was still young and I was thankful I didn't look like the girl in the mirror this morning. So - Michael and I decided to explore some additional local spots. Our favorite was the MARBAR complete with the most glorious Chocolate Cake (we learned made by a girl named Misty) and we both gobbled it up. 

Since it seemed we closed every bar down - we headed back to the hotel. As we headed off to sleep - I could not have been more thankful that the day began with a potential disaster but ended a glorious fun filled experience... Thank goodness for Michael... who held my hand the whole way through. 

I wonder what Saturday will bring :)



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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 8 - Final Surf Camp -Playa Grande, Costa Rica