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Michael's Post - Day 9 (Surfing and Tamarindo)

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Costa Rica
Day 8
Journal 8

It's Saturday and time for some terrific surfing.....or not.  Stacy and I have been to two different beaches so far (#25 and #14) and today we decided to try a third beach (beach #9).

Beach number nine was horrible.  We had to work our tails off to get out to the back line (where the waves start).  By the time we got out there, we were so tired it was difficult to surf.

We took some pics of our surfing attempts and then headed to Tamarindo (the big city!) via water taxi for a night on the town.

We had an amazing night in Tamarindo.  The city and beaches were alive with people - much different than the quiet solitude of Playa Grande.

We checked out Kahiki Bar, Copacabana, and had an amazing dinner at Seasons by Shlomey.

In the mean time we also did some shopping!  Both of us left Tamarindo with an expanded wardrobe of beach clothes.



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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 9 - Who Knows! Playa Grande, Costa Rica