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Night Clubs in Bangkok

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Bangkok boast a booming nightlife industry.There are plenty of great places to go to experience the best in Bangkok nightlife.Many places that cater to the nightlife crowd in Bangkok are more westernized. Some of the places you can go to such as clubs and cafes.Bangkok is a great city for experiencing nightlife. There are many clubs and cafes that have a western feel in Bangkok.Bangkok’s nightlife also includes some more local bars and pubs that serve lower cost drinks. A three mile section of Sukhumvit Road is dedicated to some of Asia’s most popular nightclubs.


Sukhumvit : The nightlife here is exciting and is made for those who love to drink and dance in a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are nightclubs from end to end in this district. It is easy to go from one to the other all night until you have seen and done it all. This is the most popular nightlife district for tourists.Sukhumvit is notorious for being home to more than its fair share of girls.


Khao San Road : What will draw you into this nightlife district is the neon signs that are in every single front window of every club and café. You will be able to hear all the music blend together when you are standing on the street and there is no shortage of choice on where you want to hang out.


Silom: This area of nightclubs is in what is known at the Wall Street district of Bangkok. By day, stocks and money are constantly changing hands. By night, these working professionals are ready for some fun. The place transforms into a great street for shopping as well as partying.


Ratchadapisek: Younger people who love to party tend to gravitate toward this area of Bangkok. This is a government designated zone for nightlife, so everything about this section is legal and under government regulations. It is still a great place to find a party though.


Nan Plaza : This is a Go-Go bar located on Sukhumvit. This is a great place to go if you are looking for the adult scene in Bangkok. It is more popular with male tourists and is not a family oriented place.The girls working there will 'hassle' you to buy drinks for them too, at about the same prices.The purpose is for the girls to be 'bought' out for the night.


Soi Cowboy : This is a popular place for tourists, although also part of the adult only scene. The workers dress flashy and where cowboy hats and you can participate in the go-go dancing on one of the bars that line the room.


Hotels in Bangkok can be easy to find. You can find a hotel that is right within your price range.There are also many hotel chains present in Bangkok. Boutique hotels have also sprouted up around the city. Some are touristy and have the boorish ‘ping pong shows’, whilst others are smaller places to simply pick up a girl for the evening.Although these bars are plentiful, they’re segregated enough from the ‘normal’ bars so that if this scene is not to your taste it won’t encroach on your evening’s enjoyment. More on go-go bars.


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Night Clubs in Bangkok