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How to entertain ourself in Bangkok?

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Bangkok can soothe or ruffle, depending upon your circumstances. If you`re contemplating the sunrise at Wat Arun temple along the Chao Phraya River, you`ll marvel at what peace can be found in the midst of such a chaotic metropolis. Bangkok means City of Angels.

Bangkok Restaurants:
If you love food, you will love Bangkok. There are restaurants to suit every taste serving a huge selection of western and asian food.The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of Bangkok. You can eat breakfast at your hotel, lunch at a local noodle stall by the roadside, and have dinner with fine wines in a sophisticated air conditioned restaurant. Bangkok's chinatown houses some of the best and most expensive Chinese restaurants in the city, along with many of the best and cheapest food stalls, especially at night. The restaurant mostly specialize in southern Chinese cooking, with noodles, seafood and at lunch time.Many guesthouses and open air cafes  serving standard Thai and Chinese dishes.

Bangkok Art Galleries:
Bangkok is home to several gallereies, both public and private. Private galleries in Bangkok range from small informal affairs to galleries with plush modern architecture. Many galleries of course focus on Thai traditional art and the main gallery for this genre is the National Gallery. Outside the galleries through, art hits the streets-wander down places like Khao San Road or the main student areas and you are bound to meet an artist seeling his/her paintings.

Bangkok Theatre:  
Through the years, the theatre has grown to become a prominent home for the performing arts in Thailand. Under its roof, the company has created numerous acclaimed productions, founded a performing arts school, carried out international exchanges, experimented with arts in different media all the while preserving and developing traditional arts. All these efforts are different facets of the same commitment -- to develop excellence in Thai performing arts and artists. Many artists trained in Patravadi Theatre have become prominent artists on their own.

Since then, Bangkok has turned into a national treasure house and functions as Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic center.Ingredients and wine are clearly imported from Europe. If you want something other than Thai food in Thailand, this place is a great choice. The ambiance was very nice as well and perfect to take a date.

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How to entertain ourself in Bangkok?

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