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Touring Pico del Ingles

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   Pico del Inglés- Tenerife Time: 3 hours
   Difficulty: easy Directions: take Titsa 073 guaga (leaves at 0915 or La Laguna 11.00) and lets you to end in the English peak.
   It is one of the best views of Tenerife, the truth is that both days spent there was overcast..There are some photos we have del Carmen Cruz, once we start from there, but everything (or most) was road until the English peak.
   Length: Is a very simple, even start, because it starts on the promenade of the mirador, a road paved by hand left. There is a kind of staircase of land and a sign that says “Joy neighborhood”. Once started the path, you must only follow the path and arrives at Santa Cruz.
A recommendation may be is always the same path that we are going because before arriving a few houses, is a fallen wall and a road breek, but this did not reach anywhere.    The back is easier, because once it reaches the maritime Avenue in Santa Cruz, you can take any bus that comes from San Andrés to Santa Cruz, and often spend several quite frequently.


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Touring Pico del Inglés

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain