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Exploring Rome, Steeped in History

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"A world heritage site", this is what how Rome is known to many people because of the powerful History behind this beautiful city. The history of Rome has a lifetime of over two and a half thousand years, as once it was known as the powerhouse and the strongest in all of the Europe. Rome was the birth place and the platform of the Roman Empire.

Rome, which is pronounced in "Italia" as "Roma" is the capital city of "Italy". Rome basically is Italy's largest and a populous city. It is termed as populated because of the fact that Rome itself is home to over 2.7 million people.

Rome is one of the cities of the world which has a rich history, and literature. And because of its richness in history, monuments and ancient places like museums which itself tells each and every chapter of the history, Rome is ranked as the world's third most visited tourist place.

The Language of Rome in the starting was basically Roman but afterward was changed into Italian.

The exact location of Rome is "Lazio" region situated in the central Italy just near the banks of river "TEVERE (IN ITALIAN)". Rome in total covers an area of 1,285 km2 (496 sq mi).

If we talk about the climate of Rome then the city typically has a Mediterranean climate, the weather of Rome is most pleasant starting from April and gradually until September, October things get warmed up but to Romans these days are considered as the beautiful days.

Religion wise Rome is understandably according to their history is Roman Catholic. Although people from different religions are also living in Rome but the official religion of Rome is Roman Catholic.

For Romans entertainment there are many parks and gardens as Rome is rich in natural beauty and also the people of Rome have maintained their heritage in a nice way and as the city has natural grounds of lush green grass which are now being turned into parks having benches so that people can come and enjoy.

Along with these parks and gardens the cinemas and musical shows are also of great importance among Romans for their entertainment purposes.

Economically Rome is a strong city, as the statistics tells us that Rome has a GDP of (US$121.5 billion) which makes about 7 % of the total GDP of Italy, so these statistics make Rome as the only one city in all of Italy having this much of GDP. The major contributions in making this GDP of Rome are basically Heavy machinery Industry, It development and telecommunications industry.

Among the Roman People Pizzas and Pastas of different kinds are the most important and most enjoyable food. As all the restaurants in whole of Rome have a wide range and variety of Pizzas and Pastas.

Rome has also a tradition of having fashion in its nature as we can see within the Romans that they are fashionably dressed up. This tradition can well be understood from the fact that most of the fashion industries giants have their store in Rome, like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Armani.

Football is the most important sport in Italy. As Rome has one big stadium known as "Stadio Olimpico". The stadium is home ground for the local football clubs "AS Roma" and "S.S Lazio", as their rivalry is well known in Rome.

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Exploring Rome, Steeped in History

Rome, Italy