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Watching BBC comedy = happiness (Rachel)

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We went shopping in Dublin yesterday... I LOVED it. It was terribly fun. I got a scarf, a purse (that would have normally cost a fortune) and a few other things (I FINALLY found crucifixes! Yaaay!).

Dublin is in Ireland. This and the fact that it has a few awesome old buildings and lots of good alchohol are its only redeeming qualities. It's just another big city. It was fun, but frankly, we were ready to move on...

On my fathers request, I shall attempt to recount pretty much everything I've eaten this trip. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeee we go....

Um.... We ate at the Creamery when we first arrived. It was good. I had fish chowder. yum yum. The others had fish and chips mostly. My eyeballs almost fell out at the price which I now realizes is not as exorbitant as I first supposed.

We've usually only been eating two meals-a-day and one has been breakfast at our B&Bs so... you'd think I'd remember....#  <-------?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm... we ate at some Irish place. I had shepherd's pie. I liked it. Nobody else did though. (I had shepherd's pie, mashed taters, and boiled fries... and also boiled cabbage. Real Irish food. Like I said, I was the only one who liked my meal.)

On our way north we ate at some diner.... Jenny and I each had a pizza. They were icky. :b.... No tomato sauce to be seen and not enough salt or garlic... But the chocolate milk shakes were good. Got whistled and yelled at by lots of Irish guys. lol ^ ^

Um... Am I missing a day or two? I can't remember. We got into N. Ireland and stayed on Balleybogey Rd. near Ballymoney... pronounced Ballamonna. We went to Giant's Causeway at about eight-thirty at night. (the sun doesn't set until 11pm) We have tons of pictures from that, I hope to get them uploaded tonight. We went to Bush House and had a few drinks. We met Parma here and also Alec (I'm barred ya know...  From which pub, Alec? .... All of 'em! I sneaked in frum the back. Ben drinkin' all day...) It was Orange day.

Next day we went to the BBQ.... I think I mentioned this in my last blog.

Drove down to Dublin the next day. We stayed in a lovely B&B in Howth... pronounced Hote.... We waited too long to go to dinner (9:15) so we ended up eating Chinese take-out. Everyone else loved it. I thought it was alright... but honestly-it's Chinese take-out.  :(

Yesterday we ate at a little pub in downtown Dublin. I had Irish stew. It was AMAZING. Soooooooooooo yummy! Potatoes, onions, beef, rosemary, carrots. Delish!

Then we ate really nice Chinese for dinner... We were just hungry for it. We weren't disappointed. The restaurant was GORGEOUS. The service was great. The food was super yummy. I had duck with lemon sauce. Don't be sad daddy. It tasted good.

Today we ate at a little pub by the sea shore in Tramore where we're staying. The other gals had sandwiches, Pete had a lamb shank with onions in balsamic vinagarette and red wine and I had yellow curry with chicken. It was absolutely fantastic.

Righto. I'm tired...

Talk to you tomorrow!

<3 Rachel


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Ireland 2008