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Absence makes the heart grow fonder... :D

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Miss me? You know you did. Well... my excuse is that the two nights we spent in Northern Ireland were in a farm house. Very nice, but no wireless. : (
Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway... What did we do?
We went to an aquarium and touched a manta and a skate, we saw some old Celtic (pronounced keltic not seltic... don't make me hurt you. You know Cillian Murphy? Yeah Killlllllllllian not sillyan. lol. okay okay...) ruins.... I sacrificed Jennifer, it was lovely. We drove down many many winding roads, lined on both sides by stone walls-no they did not have ANY shoulder-which claimed to be two lane, but were actually definitely ONE lane... maybe. If you're lucky.
We stayed one Balleybogey Rd., near Ballymoney (pronounced Ballamonna) in N. Ireland which is actually more like southern England. (Do not call them Irishmen. They're Ulstermen.) We went to a pub, met a chick from California who had been living in France for the last 10 years as an English teacher. Interesting person. She invited us to a BBQ the following day at a pub up the road and told us we had to meet her boyfriend (he's Ulster...ish?) who was at that time passed out on his couch because it was the 12th of July (which is Orange Day). Go look it up. I'm too lazy to explain.
Anyway... we visited Giant's Causeway. AMAZING. Gosh I can't wait to show you the pictures!!!
The next day we went to the BBQ and discovered, much to our surprise that we had sort of been invited to a party for the Bush Mills Orange party.... It started out with us talking to Parma (the chick from CA) and her boyfriend, Ryan, and then a couple more joined in and before we knew it, we had about ten people gathered around talking to us. We found out that Europe likes classic country music and techno, both of which they played during this gathering. Ryan informed us that he is a redneck and loves Johnny Cash. (please tell me I didn't spell that wrong. lol. ) The Ulstermen honored us with a few renditions of country songs.... (VERY funny considering their thick accents) We just didn't have the heart to tell them that Johnny Cash is dead.
They all smoked like chimneys and Ryan bought us a round of drinks. (frankly, I don't like beer, but felt bad refusing something that was bought for me so I ended up drinking a whole pint. :b icky.) We gathered a few more into our group, listened to the jukebox, and one of the younger guys bought Jennifer and I drinks. oooooooooooh.
Jenny and I tried some fruity vodka thing... mmmmmmm... It tasted like fruit soda.
We laughed entirely too much and took group pictures.
Northern Ireland=lots of fun and friendly people
The next day we drove to Dublin where we are currently staying. Dublin is just like any other large city... with a few cool ancient buildings and lots of very attractive Irish guys.
What have I learned?
"salad" actually means cole-slaw on a bed of lettuce.
Everyone thinks our accent is funny.
I can and do get sunburns in Ireland. Shutup.
Sidewalk is actually another word for parking space or more road.
"Keep right" can mean "stay in same lane" "angle right" "turn right... RIGHT NOW!" "Go around round about then go left on the fourth and a half exit" ... It's very confusing.
The Ulstermen taught me to speak with their accent. "yes" is "ayyyyyyye" like a pirate and "sir" is "suuuuuuuuuuur."
.............more later because I'm REALLY tired and want to go to bed.
PS-I just had the most wonderful ice cream. Honey comb with chocolate covering.
PPS-the clerk was really cute.
G-night! <3 Rachel


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Ireland 2008