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The longest day of the.... ever. (rachel.... but you knew this.)

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9:30 am. Ireland time. When did yesterday end? There is no today... yesterday refuses to end and tomorrow will be here too soon.
My body says nuh-uh!!!! It's definitely 4:30 am. *insert your own image of me with various expressions of dismay and exhaustion here*
I have been awake for 10 + 5 3/4 + 12 + 6 3/4 hours now. So that is in total.... 34 1/2 hours.  My brain screams out in protest and if I sit unoccupied for more than a few seconds, my leaden eyelids slowly slam shut. Only will power raises them again. I make words up and turn the wrong way out of the bath room. Drink coffee. Drink coffee. Drink tea. Drink more coffee. Inject coffee intraveineously. I count... 3 1/2 hours until I can allow myslef to collapse on the the crisp bedsheets. Oh, blessed sleep- how I miss thee when we are so long parted!

But you're tired of hearing about my lack of sleep.... What have I neglected to share so far?

The guy on the plane... a forty-something I
rish gentleman sho was sitting behind us with his adorable family (the little boy was soooooooo cute.) remarked to us that it doesn't really rain that much in Ireland. His blue eyes betray his humor and the laugh lines around his eyes crinkle as he says, "It only rains twice a week... Once for three days and the second time for four days..."

It has only rained once since we've been here.... I hope it shall hold off a little longer.
Second of the neglected subjects is the alarming lack of "normal" intersections here... They have traded them all for roundabouts. More expedient? Cheaper? Perhaps. Anyway, quite frankly I find them alarming. Do people in this country know what stop signs are?

Righty.... I'm going to take a power nap. Just 20 minutes.... Just 20 minutes plus three hours and ten hours nap.... Ooooooooooooookay... nighty-night. I mean..... see you in 20 minutes!


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Ireland 2008