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It's a dangerous business, Frodo... (rachel)

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Woke up not quite as early to the distant roar of jets from O'Hare.
Breakfast would, by virtue of the food only, have been a dismal affair, but the company rendered it edible, though sadly not palatable.
What made the hotel worthwhile was the enlightening and amusing discovery of the "fitness center." Said fitness center was in actuality a rather forlorn cubicle placed awkwardly in one end of the breakfast room and harboring a mysterious bicycle-treadclimber hybrid and a desheveled looking treadmill which seemed to say "...Go ahead... try me out. I look dangerous and rickety, but really I'm trustworthy. C'mon. Feelin' lucky, punk?"
O'Hare lived up to it's reputation as a ridiculously busy airport, though I was pleasantly suprised to discover that most of the people I talked to were very polite and even friendly.
The flight to Philly.....
............. Ooops. Almost boarding time.... ttyl! :D


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