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Dementoids!!!! (Rachel)

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Up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. Go to the train station, board and sit. I am so excited (you see the last time I was on the train... some guy shot twice through the window behind us. I was hoping to have less frightening memories. O_o ) to be on the Amtrak.
Of course, I then discovered, much to my bereavement, that food was REALLY expensive and that it's close to impossible to walk through the train while it's moving. The funny bit is that the newly released prisoners were making eyes at Jennifer and I and muttering, "Hey, girls..." and other unintelligible stuff... That was sorta' freaky so we made Pete go with us the rest of the time. They kept their eyes politely overted. Good boys.
We had to stop like four times to let other trains pass... and one time for no reason we of which we were aware, the power shut off... This was, of course totally normal, but I didn't know that................
And being a totally rational person like I am I immediately thought "DEMENTOIDS!!!!!!!!!" Lol....
you know... dementors, Lupin. Yeah. That's right. It was scuuuuuuuuuuuury.
We go to Chicaaaaaaaaaaaaago. Union station (excepting the grand... room thingie... I can't remember....the actual name.) was sort of like an airport... only dirtier. Icky. Then we walked through a snippet of downtown Chicago to board the Blue Line. We were all like, "This is awesome!" "Eeek... they're so fast and LOUD!" "What? I can't hear you!"
Stupid huge trains going by at like 700 mph.... You have to do a Mission: Impossible roll in because they only pause for like  .2 seconds. As soon as you are "on." They take off, rapidly accelerating to speeds approaching that of sound through dark tunnels on bumpy tracks before exploding from below the city into the urban sprawl.
After a relatively uneventful journey between the Blue Line and the hotel shuttle (well, there were those awesome toilets,  but that's a different story...) We arrive at the Super 8.
It is.... for lack of a more polite while simultaneously all encompassing word, a dump. : /
The beds and bathroom are clean though, so I suppose we shall survive.
But alas, now I must leave you for I can hear the roar of the jets above us and it reminds me that I shall once again have to be up and coherent, if not presentable, at a fairly early hour.
So, my Loves, good night, sweet dreams and wish us all the best as we take to the air!


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