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Travelers Book Flights to Doha!

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Doha is the only major city in the country of Qatar. It was earlier well known for its pearl industry. In fact, during the nineteenth century when the British visited and explored the place, it was nothing but a pure pearl fishing village. But off late, the oil industry in the metropolis is said to be booming. After this discovery not only did the town get rich but all saw many traders from around the world get Doha flights to come and settle here. During the start of the 21st century the city officials conducted a survey and estimated a population of about 30000 occupants. However that no has increased to over 10 times today as a recent survey conducted in the year of two thousand and four estimated that the city has around about 340000 occupants.

The city is blessed with various tourist attractions. Besides the oil industry, the tourism industry too forms a major part of the city’s economy. Many people from all around the world, whether tourists or traders get flights to Doha in order to view the richness of the city. The place is not only visited by traders for business deals but is also a favourite spot for travellers seeking a relaxing holiday. Some places frequently visited by tourists include:

Qatar National Library

The city plays host to the country’s national library. Many businessmen get cheap flights to Doha so as to visit the place and perform research works on the available resources of the place. Businessmen go for important informative research work as it helps them invest in proper places so as to earn more revenue on their investments. However, the place doesn’t provide much information for the tourists as it possesses only a limited collection of English tour guides books, most of which are out of date.

Wind Tower

Many tourists from different parts of the world get Doha flights so as to come and get an opportunity to witness this magnificent creation of the past. These buildings were made by ancient architects who were highly skilled in nature. In ancient times when there were no air conditioners available, huge buildings with gigantic doors and windows were built with the objective of allowing the wind to pass through the whole building thereby keeping the entire place cool. Presently, only one of these is left in the city.

The Doha Fort

People from all four corners of the world get cheap flights to Doha to visit this famous nineteenth century fort. The square cum rectangular white fort is situated near the borderline of Souq Waqif. Some strong sources determine that the white Doha Fort was built by the Ottomans. Being defeated in battle by the Qataris during the year of 1983, they built this fort in order to stay there peacefully but eventually they were kicked out from the monument during the First World War .


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