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Koala Park

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On one of the many days we had without work we decided to visit the local Koala park as it was only 30 minutes away. We also had a two for one voucher which made it more appealing. We've been told its not one of the best animal parks to visit and a little outdated but it was easy to get to and cheap so what the hell, we hadn't done anything touristy since we arrived and thought this was a great place to start.

On entering the park we bought some Kangaroo feed (dried grass) to feed the Kangaroos. There's plenty of dried grass on the orchard we could have brought that with us! We saw a few birds and a baby Koala and finally came across some Wallaroos behind a fence. How the hell were we meant to feed them? They were too far away and no amount of coaxing would bring them close.

Then as we turned around I saw a number of people behind some wooden gates. We went to see what there was and there were loads of Kangaroos hopping about, lying down and being fed. Wow they were so tame you could stroke them and feed them. That was cool. A couple had Joey's.When we first got there one of the Joey's was hanging out of the pouch and some people were feeding it. Amazing!

 By the time we got to get close the Joey was obviously feeding as its feet were now hanging out of the pouch and was probably having a feed. I think it was getting a bit big for the pouch as it didn't completely fit, although its pretty incredible how much can fit into the pouch. We didn't get to see it out again.

There was another mother and baby but this one was very young as the tiny part that you see at the edge of the pouch was furless. Its amazing how furry these animals are and they manage to keep cool in the heat!  

There was a Koala show at 3pm so we walked around looking at the rest of the animals until that was on. There were more wallabies in penned off areas, lots of birds, a random Koala up in a tree, and Dingoes. James really liked the Dingoes and given half the chance I think he would have brought one home with him.

When it was finally time to go to the Koala show we headed over and were given some information about the Koala. The woman informed us that it should never be called a bear as it's a marsupial. I remember doing a project at primary school about marsupials. Koala means without water in the Aborignal language. Koalas don't drink water and get all the fluids they need from the leaves they eat. That was pretty interesting to learn. After her informative lecture everyone formed a line to give one of the Koalas a stroke and take a picture. I was disappointed as on the information booklet it said you got to hold a Koala. I guess there was too many people that day. I look forward to the day that we go to Sydney Reptile Park as it's much bigger and therefore more opportunities for cuddles. Also I forgot that the woman said that in the wild Koalas are never as tame as the ones at the park and if you approach them they will rip you up! Nice!

Anyway when it got to our turn we had a little cuddle and a couple of photos but the Koala was half asleep as he had to be woken up another thing I forgot to mention. Koalas are active at night and spend most of the time asleep. I think it was something like 18 hours. What a life! Everyone before us had been a little cautious about how close they got to the Koala but I was like I'm getting as close as possible.

After meeting the Koalas we headed back to the Kangaroos for a bit more stroking and feeding. When we had finished there we decided to leave. I saw the following and couldn't miss the photo opportunity!! hehe

As we passed the Koala area they were just getting to the last person for their stroke and picture and the Koala was awake. Being a little cheeky I asked if we could have a couple more pictures as the Koala was now awake. The woman didn't mind and so James went first. James got in close and the Koala started trying to eat his cap. So funny - it looked like the Koala was whispering in his ear.

 He had a few pictures and then it was my turn. The Koala then started to try and eat my hair. It was so tickly and a fun experience. Made my day!

Australia has such better wild animals than England.


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Canoelands, Australia