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Christmas in Sydney

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Christmas morning James and I opened presents that we had purchased for each other on our own in our van. We were like big kids!

Most of the staff working at the farm went home for Christmas as they live quite close. The rest of us, that is Jenny, Hilke, Maren, Neil, myself and James all had breakfast together in the morning. Oh what a feast. Hilke and Maren thought it was more like a lunch or dinner and were surprised that anyone would ever eat a breakfast like it. We had sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, beans, mushrooms, toast, orange juice, coffee and a chocolate cake. However no one had any cake until the following day.


Finally we decided to go to the beach for Christmas. The relason was that we had spoken about spending Christmas on the beach with a BBQ before we even left the UK and we wanted to do something different that we would always remember. Hilke and Maren (the german girls) had also decided to go to the beach so we all went together.

We headed for Bondi beach straight after breakfast. We had been warned that the beach gets really busy and it is very difficult to park. Once we got close we found a parking space which we thought was fairly close. It took us about 15 minutes to walk down to the beach. At least it was all down hill. It felt like a trek in the heat. Once we got down to the beach there was one area that was absolutely packed. This was the area where the water was calm and safe to swin. We decided to stay on the area with the rough water and strong currents as there was much more space and it was quieter. We found a spot and relaxed in the sun for a few minutes. The beach wasn't too busy when we arrived but by the time we left it was even busier.




There had been rain forecast but luckily it was a hot sunny day. So hot that after 5 minutes of lying in the sun we decided to head into the water. The waves and currents were so strong. It was quite difficult to maintain balance when the waves struck. You had to either try to jump with the wave or dive underneath it. we tried both. It wasn't really an area where people were supposed to be swimming because of the currents and was for surfers. However there were so many people in the water the lifeguards just kept an eye on everyone. Sometimes once you emerged from one wave another would surface from nowhere and knock you down. At one point I got knocked over and dragged on my bottom all the way to the shore. I stood up and my bikini bottoms were full of sand. haha. It was pretty fun in the sea trying to beat the waves.

After further sun bathing we decided to take a walk along the promenade. There was a pavilion that had an all day music event. We walked along the shops ( only a handful of restaurants and newsagents were open) bought a fruit juice and headed back to the beach.

We had lunch at around 3pm. A BBQ consisting of prawns, steak, plum marinaded kangaroo, salad, and potato salad. It took a long while to get the BBQ started as it was quite windy and one of those disposable ones. James did the cooking!

The prawns were really nice and the steak wasn't the best. We thought the kangaroo had been overcooked as it had reduced in size so much. We were expecting it to be really tough. James feels indifferent to the kangaroo but I absolutely loved it. It was really tender and the marinade was really yummy. :) The taste of the meat was unlike any other meat and its difficult to describe what it tasted like so all I can say is try it yourself.

We left the beach after lunch and headed home. After a clean up we headed over to our employer's son's house. We spent the evening there drinking and talking. It was a lovely evening spent with their family. That night we stayed up quite late and we got to see the moon rise! Yes the moon rises. I don't have any pictures my camera isn't good enough for that. The stars at night are amazing here too. So many of them and so clear in the sky.

So we had a different Christmas and enjoyed ourselves but I really missed being at home.



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Canoelands, Australia