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Farewell UK hello Bangkok!

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After a tearful farewell at Heathrow I was on my way to Bangkok! Unfortunelty I had to stop off at Mumbai on route (wasn't too keen on going back to India) but luckily the flight change was swift. Flew with Jet (which is Indian..) so stomach was reintroduced to its nemis - curry. Food was good (most random meal - fish nuggets with Panner followed by a feast!). Movies were excellent. Touched dow in Bangkok and got a taxi to the hostel - the journely was pretty seamless! Staying at Napsap hostel, very nice, very white and very flashpacker. Almost immediately met a nice scottish girl called Jill whilst I was looking at maps in reception. We got chatting and headed off for breakfast, we then spent the rest of the day together exploring Ko San road and a nearby temple. Went out at night along Ko San Road - exactly how i expected it - loud, brash and tons of hippy/travellers garb to buy.

Had a few Changs then headed back - totally exhausted!


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Bangkok, Thailand