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Florence, Milan And Genoa,Three Of Italy's Most Important Cities

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Just about anyone who tours Italy is sure to visit Rome, Venice and Vatican City. But Italy has many more cities that are worth visiting. They include the rennaisance city of Florence, Milan, one of Europes richest cities and Genoa. Long associated with Christopher Columbus, visiting this city will give you a glimpse of the world in which Christopher Columbus lived.

A visit to Florence is a great way to start an Italian tour. Florence was at the heart of the Italian Renaissance movement. Some of Italy's best museums are located there. There are also a number of incredibly ornate and beautiful churches and cathedrals in the city that are a must see. The most popular sites in Florence include the Piazza della Signora, Palaza Vecchio, the Duomo or Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore and the Galleria dell' Academia which holds some of the works of Michelangelo.

Milan is known for many things. It is a playground for the super rich and has some of the best restaurants and great shopping. But Milan is also a great cultural center. The city is home to La Scala Opera House, one of Europe's most prestigious opera houses. The largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the Duomo of Milan, is also located in there. Many people visit Milan for a chance to see Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper. It is housed in the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie.

The Italian city of Genoa is the home of Christopher Columbus. It is also Italy's main seaport. The city has numerous museums, churches and palaces. One of Genoa's most popular attractions is its medieval quarters. It is reputed to be the largest in Europe.

Italy is a fascinating place. Anyone who tours Italy is sure to have a good time!

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