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Melbourne Day 2

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We had to be out of the hostel at 10am as there were no beds available for any other nights. We headed to a hostel in North Melbourne in the suburbs in a taxi with a driver who didn't have a clue and drove around two different blocks in search of the hostel before he put the road in his sat nav. How annoying especially as we still had to pick up the bill. I wasn't happy. what topped it off was that when we found the hostel we were on a road that was like a dual carriageway with a grass verge in the middle. There was a gap right opposite the hostel that he could have turned in to drop us right outside, but no he took us all the way to the end of the road where he did a u-turn. Nause!

The hostel was nice and we got a double room. Once checked in we headed out to have a look at our surroundings. We went to a small shopping area and had lunch then to the shops to get some groceries and left them back at the hostel. We then headed towards the city centre, went to an internet cafe and started our job hunt. Things didn't look very good. Disheartened we headed home and washed some clothes. Oh how nice it is to have clean fresh smelling clothes and underwear that hasn't been handwashed.

We headed to bed to get some beauty sleep in preparation for further job searching the next day.


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Arrival in Australia

Melbourne, Australia