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Tuesday - Travel day - Vancouver to VEGAS!

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Travel day, yuk!

lovely sleep in and packed our bags.  all quite controlled and at the airport with over 2.5 hours to spare.  right up until they saw rebecca's visa.

this is the same problem we had getting into the USA last time but it was the visa not the airline, they just forgot to mention it.  SO the stress levels went up and we had to apply for a new visa THEN.  Phillippine airlines sent us to the USI (which I think is US Immigration).  we asked at the Info desk who put me on the phone to US immigration who offered me an appointment at the Consulate in the city later that day.  (I hung up on her).  we when to the USI office in the airport, who said it was not their problem but we could apply on line.  we found an internet machine (but finding one withe a printer was the trick) and finally did.  applied for a new one on line, and are still waiting for the paper copy to be emailed.  however we have the receipt and unbeknowns to us the airline were immediately updated.  so we got our bags checked, seats allocated and on to security with still a good 45 mins to spare.  I love US travel.  (actually I do)


so the flight was good and we arrived in VEGAS at 4.15pm.  transfer to the hotel and immediately decicded we needed a bigger room (vancouver was very squeezy room and now we have sooo much luggage).  so for an extra $30.00 per night we  have an other 100 square foot of room and the view is amazing.  i sit in the big chair and look over the Belagio Fountain.  worth every cent.


dinner and then off exploring.  Belagio and Ceasars Palace, is unbelieveable.  they have a roof that goes from day to night, entire fountains and replicas of statues and NO the real Ceasar did not live there.


finished by about 10.00 pm the other partied on longer.  but with a 5.00am start tomorrow, I need sleep.  Grand Canyon here we come.




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