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Sunday - Whistler to Vancouver

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Woke up in Whistler after an amazing night.


we finished last night by walking through falliing snow, and there has been a dump and a half in town.  probably a good 10 -15cm snow, that I can see so don't know what happened on the mountains.


woke early and watched the people shovel their "walks" and for the snow plow to come through.  sun doesn't come up until 8.00am so quite weird.


Lee, Bec and I are off Dog Sledding.  yes, dog sledding.  drove out into the woods to where they house the dogs and because of all the snow she was late, had to dig the car out!  Instead of a team of 4 or 6 dogs, she ran two teams of 10 dogs.  this will help the dogs in the softer snow, and also get us through the trip just as quick.  Amazing feeling, sitting into the sled, and being pulled by the dogs.  I got to drive the dogs, which was really fun, but scary at the same time.  you get a break only, and no stearing only by pulling one way or another.


ate the food in our fridge (eggs, toast etc) for lunch and then we had to be out by 2.00pm.  we hired a private shuttle to take us back to Vancouver.  it was $8.00 per head dearer, and so worth it.  our luggage is building up, so we can't take a normal shuttle.


Rained pretty much all the way down to vancouver but the drive was lovely.  its along the side of the ocean, and really quite spectacular.


arrived, checkin in and had an early dinner, and an early night.  travel days are long and really take it out of us.




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