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Saturday - Whistler

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Saturday morning in Whistler.  Amazing weather.

photos attached.

The kids are heading out today to Snow Mobile.  which should be great.  I am off to do the Tree Trek above the free tops on the canapy.  similar to where they Zip Trek.  but mine is a walk and a good look around.


great trip.  saw the Olympic Sliding Centre, which is interesting and huge.  hard to believe they managed so many people here when the olympics are on, especially with the snow.  photos attached.


quiet lunch and then the kids were off zip trekking this arvo.  I had a spa and a nap and met them when they had finished - in the dark -.  fairly amazing stuff and very much adrenalin pumping.


few beers at the pub afterwards and finished with a normal sandwish and a coffee.  quiet night and early to bed.

thanks to those who are following the blog.  great to get feedback!



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