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Tuesday December 7 - SEATTLE

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Seattle.  We are striking a reputation for the Best Weather ever.  its been amazing.


Slow start to the day.  Off to Amtrack and pick up the tickets for the train tomorrow.  then by lunch time Lee, Bec and I went through Pike Street Markets and then to Nordstom Rack.




and I even left some in the shops.  not only was it exciting that there were so many there that fitted me they were all priced, at $29, $39 and $49.  very, very exciting.


Left the unit by 3.00pm and then off to the Outlets near the game up towards Glacier Peak.  did a little bit of shopping, bec picked up a couple of dresses, and we bought a duffle bag - to transfer the shoes in.


Game tonight was great.  boys lost 62 - 51, but it was a great game.  the boys enjoyed the company of the team and all stayed for a party at Jacks.  Lee went all the way back and picked them up for a midnight finish.  The boys really enjoyed the opportunity and it was a great party too.


Several scouts had been a the games.  James has been approached by one from a Junior College Edmonds.  no promises just details to contact and we will wait for the new year.


early start tomorrow.  Amtrak leaves at 7.40am






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