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Another stunning day in Seattle, which is apparantley very rare.

we hit the shops and did Sephora and Victoria Secrets again.  however emily's list (lee's daughter) and rebecca have now got everything they need (we hope!).

back by lunch and we did a cruise on Puget sound.  around the houseboats, and the homes of the rich and famous.  there is certainly some money in Seattle.

To the skyneedle for sunset and it was lovely - scary but lovely.

back into the city at night and had a meal with James.  which was novel.  it was great to hear about his home stays and the families.  One guy was 6' 11".  it was great for James to be the small kid.

quite night at home doing James washing.


the unit we are in is on 1st avenue.  it has the most stunning view of the Bay and we constantly see the vehicle ferries and ships coming in and out.  I'll make sure there is a photo.



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