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SATURDAY - Dec 4 - Seattle

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Seattle, Washington

A lovely sleep in and started with some washing. (boring but necessary)

We then wen t to see a NCAA Game (university game).  Washington State v Texas Tech.  amazing.

10,000 capacity for the centre and they probably made it to 9,000, so that's alot for a suburban game.amazing atmosphere, they had a cheer squad called the Dawg Sqad (they are the Huskies (dogs)) and the band was there as well. 

Had to leave early to make it to the boys game on time.  Garfield High School, Garfield.  Primarily a 99% black school.  OMG.  the boys were beaten 80 - 47, which was actually a great score for them.  One of their players has already been signed with Washington University.  cheer girls were great, and the team were very fast.

from there back to a pizza and a wine in the unit, which is just lovely to veg.

as an extra bonus I have picked up James' washing, so its all good!






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