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my 3 days in seattle

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Seattle is a place in Washington. It is beautiful city which is covered by green trees. This greenery is spread allover the city, that is why the city is called as emerald city. I live in ohio in united states. In my neighborhood one of my close friend went to this city for their honeymoon. After returning they told me about the city. I was very much impressed after hearing there story. They told us that the city is very beautiful. There was greenery all around. I was very much pleased by the photographs they showed to us. They also made the videos and I was wondering abt the videos. These videos showcased the city so beautifully that I decided that I will also go to this place. After few days I planned a journey to this city. I booked a hotel in this city by the internet. This was the same hotel which my neighbor hood friend also booked they searched this hotel by searching the net using cheap hotels in Seattle. The journey to Seattle is very long .it took me 1 day and 15 hrs to reach the city. After reaching to the hotel I checked in to the hotel. The hotel has already paid me discount rates. Then I went the room it was beautifully decorated. Then I had my cup of coffee. After that I rested for 2 -3 hrs. After that I went out for the city tour. I checked the broacher. I found a place there to visit. This place is very interesting place to visit. The name of the place was Art/Not Terminal Gallery. Lonny Johnson was the founder of this place. He used to show his art work in this place. After him other artists also wanted to show their art in this place and they all wanted to extend the lease. Volunteer individuals helped this place to permanently fix for displaying the art pieces. The new location of this place is now in the former trailways bus terminal. The name comes from this double pun of being "not a terminal" and also that art itself is not "terminal." Earlier people used to search the bus terminal at this place. This bus terminal has been moved to some distance far from this place. This place contains all the pieces of art which contains painting, drawing, and sculpture. After this I returned back to hotel .this place took my whole day. I visited keenly each and every art piece. It was very interesting to visit all these art pieces. After returning from this place. I rested for some time .than I had my diiner and I must say that the dinner was very tasdy . I enjoyed a lot the dinner. It was fingerlicking. After having my dinner I went to sleep.

 The next day morning was a bit lazy. I woke up in the morning. Then I did some of the work out. Then I was feeling fresh and energetic. After that I took my bath and then I had my breakfast and then I went out for visiting another place. The name of this place is down town of Seattle city. This place has the market of this city. The market is itself a attraction. There are lots of things that u can buy. The crowd here was very young and trendy. This area is the mostly dense populated areas of the city. The lifestyle of the people is mostly urban. And they enjoyed it very well. After buying some of the items and enjoying the seafood I returned back to the hotel. After reaching to the hotel I enjoyed the music for 1 hr. after that I had my dinner. Then I watched a movie in my room and then I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up early in the morning and then I got fresh for returning home in ohio. I packed my bags and then I returned back with my car. I will certainly say that the hotel in which I stayed was among the cheap hotels of the city of seattle.   


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my 3 days trip to seattle

seattle, washington