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Day 8 Grand Rivers KY to Gilbertsville TN

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On Sunday morning we woke up to find our open dock location was no accident it was the pump out station at Lighthouse Marina & the first guy Pat noticed was a very light in the loafers kind of dude heading for the shower house with his arms out like a bird & a towel around his neck. it didn't take us long to fire up the engines & head for a Marina that was more our style.

Straight across the lake was Kentucky Dam Marina, a beautiful facility with many large yachts & houseboats, They gave us a nice slip at the pier with the rental boats. the courtesy shuttle took us to the hotel at Kentucky Dam for a good lunch & after showering & doing laundry we were on a mission to find beer, disappointment soon set in when we were told it was a dry county & so were the neighboring ones.

Our next concern was the Packer game that night, our dock had no cable TV so while Pat was arranging to get a new Prop & get the damaged one repaired for backup I set out to see if the clubhouse at the marina had a TV & would the game be on it? my first contact didn't know but the second guy I ran into I will remember forever, his name was Bob. Bob was on a golf cart leaving the office at the rental dock where he frequently goes to BS with the management he was sure we had cable somewhere on the dock & gave me a ride in his cart to our boat, after finding no hookup for cable he had another idea & started to check rental houseboats that are equipped with DirecTV, when he found a huge 90 footer by 18 ft. wide with a 50" flat panel that happened to be unlocked he made a call to his management buddies & got us set up for the game in that half million dollar beauty with five bedrooms 4 baths a hot tub & two navigation bridges. Now we need beer!

As I met Pat back up by the office to tell him the good news i asked a family that was drinking beer on a house boat where we could find some, The gentleman said  "I don't know" & insisted we sit down and have a couple of his. We sat with them for a few hours as they fed us home made chili (very good!) and a few more beers. he told us about his Iraq & Afghanistan experiences as a green beret & he now was a CSI agent for the state of KY. The gentleman proceeded to get very drunk & as we parted with them to go watch the game his wife & mother in law  insisted we take more chili & beer with us. They were terrific & it was the start of a great evening.

With game time approaching we headed for the houseboat & started checking it out, this was a killer machine. While exploring we found the hot tub was running full blast and couldn't find the control so we called our buddy Bob to see what should be done, after a little while we figured it out & it was on to game time. When your having a good day your team can't loose! the Packers proceeded to kick the Viking's butt's & Bob showed up for the end of the game with a couple more beers. It was a good Day!


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Darrel & Pats River Trip

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