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Day 3 Rock Island to Quincy IL.

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     Sunset Park Marina's offices were closed so we got another free night at the docks. It was a little cooler this morning & the right (starboard) engine was running rough so we adjusted the choke & checked the rotor in the distributor (another long story) & that helped.
     We made a long run before coming up on our third lock of the day (lock #18) where a large gathering of officials were having a meeting at the edge of the lock. The lock master asked us to wear life vests, Tie off to a bollard (a big metal bobber) in the lock wall & shut off our engines. these were firsts for us & all for about a 2 foot drop. We chatted with a lock attendant on the wall & he told us about Big Muddy's Restaurant so that was our next stop.
     We fueled up at Bluff Harbor Marina (64 gallons) before getting to Big Muddy's in Burlington IA., a very impressive place, it reminded me of the Golden Mast back home. Big Muddy himself greeted us & hung around to chat for a while before we were served, it was another great meal & a fun experience.
     After lunch we ran for a few more hours over some of the roughest water we had seen even though the weather was great. The GPS monitor coughed up a scrambled & blank screen ? why? but it worked again after removing power a couple of times. We ran until dark again but by now we had purchased a 1 million candle power spotlight so we could see a bit better.
     As we approached what we thought was our destination, The Quincy IL. small boat harbor, our Army Corps map & our GPS lead us onto a sand bar at the entrance. There were some tense moments & foul language but we got it freed & after low depths scared us off on our second attempt we looked for another place to dock. We came upon a small pier near a fishing boat ramp & tied off there. I noticed what looked like a bar at the top of a hill & went up to check it out, it was a private boat club that owned the property we had docked at. The only person around was a lady who tended the bar she was not too far from closing up for the night but she had no problem letting us in for a few beers & a pizza before we went back to the boat to end the day.


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