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The 1st Day

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   We started out Sunday morning with Pat's neighbor Scott along , his job was to bring the trailer back after our launch. We arrived at Prairie Du Chien around noon & fueled the boat before crossing to the Iowa side to find a good place to launch, we drove south to McGregor IA. & back before we found that the best spot was right under the highway 18 bridge in Marquette IA. After a quick lunch & a look at the first half of the Packer game at a local Bar we launched the boat at around 2:15
After getting through the 1st Lock at Guttenberg IA with no problems in about 15 min.(see movie) we were feeling pretty good about these locks. However the 2nd lock was a different story, we waited about an hour for a barge & while maneuvering upstream the starboard drive suddenly refused to go forward, a shifting cable for the lower unit came loose. I was able to repair it before we entered the lock & all was well again.
   It was dark by the time we left the 2nd lock & we had a real struggle finding our way between two islands to find the Mid Town Marina with only a flashlight for visual aid. The Marina was closed by the time we tied off to their dock & there didn't seem to be any stores or restaurants nearby so we ate snack mix for supper & called it a night


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Darrel & Pats River Trip

Prarie Du Chien, Mobile, United States