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Hong Kong Day 4

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Today we got up early, packed all our things and got the 9:30 am courtesy bus to start our journey to Lantau Island. As we got to the central area James realised he had left his new hoodie back at the hostel. Agh! We got a taxi back up to the hostel to retrieve the hoody and then had to wait around for the 11am courtesy bus back down. What a palava.

We got the express train from Hong Kong Island to Lantau. It was expensive at £10 each for a 15 minute ride. At this point though I couldn't be doing with getting a boat to Kowloon and then trying to find the trrain station and getting a train. We paid for the luxury and were on our way. We got to the airport and then had to wait 10 minutes for a taxi to take us to the hotel. At least it was only 4km away. 15 minutes later and lots of steep hills and turns and me and James start looking at each other with questioning glances. "I thought you said it was only 4km away". "Either that or 6" said James. Well 30 minutes later we finally arrived. It was definitely not 4km away.

The area the hotel was in was beautiful. Stunning views of the sea and surrounded by mountains. We had to wait to check in so went to get something to eat. Once we had checked in we headed up to the room and collapsed. We were so tired after all the walking recently. Later in the evening we headed out for a walk and to get some dinner. That night I had some terrible news that my little kitty had been injured and my parents weren't sure whether she might have to be put down. It was a tearful night.


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Beijing, China