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Hong Kong Day 2

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Hong Kong Day 2

So this morning we get up nice and early both in a good mood and call all of the hostels we know of, Leona has no luck with the ones we hoped for but then has a stroke of genius and tries the one we wanted from the start which claimed itself fully booked. A positive reply they have dorm beds left so off we go to Hong Kong island (we stayed on HK mainland last night) 2 dollars on the ferry and we’re there! At 10:30 we get to the hostel. What a journey from the ferry port, as we reach mount Davis we tell the driver up, he looks confused, UP! To the top! The top??????? Yes the top mate as high as you can go! We go up and up and up, this goes on for a good 5 minutes until we reach the hostel. The place is very dated but in a great setting all we can see is greenery and we are overlooking the ocean and main island. For 500 Dollars we have a decent bed each for 2 nights, not bad as we paid that for one night yesterday with a view of the concrete building opposite.

After settling in we get the free bus down to the bottom again and Leona has our day planned. Off we go to Stanley markets, this was enjoyable and nice as it was along the sea front, now to repulse bay which is also on the sea front and has some great history, it was once a bay controlled by Pirates (real ones) and then they were repulsed by the British fleet hence its name. The bay also has a Buddhist shrine which contains statues of all the animals, one being a golden fish, now as we approach the shrine we cross the bridge of longevity which adds 3 days onto your life every time you cross as the legend goes, we see people surrounding the fish throwing coins into its mouth, its mayhem kids and oap’s are lobbing coins everywhere not slowly either, I of course tell Leona to get the purse out, I throw and on the fourth attempt I’m in, I threw 50 cent as it went in I’m not lying a 5 dollar coin flies out at me. This went straight in the pocket, now Leona’s go, hahahahahaha this was great it went on for around 20 minutes with coins going all over the shop, eventually it goes in and we both roar with excitement, we are now being looked at by everyone but who cares as 10 dollars comes back at us, this isn’t a money giving fish no, but its brimmed to the top with Chinese money so as you throw sometimes a coin comes back so now 15 dollars up we decide to leave. Lucky Fish!

We leave repulse bay and walk around for something to eat, this goes on for about 2 hours and we ended up with burger and chips, we weren’t pleased as we really wanted a steak!

As we get back to the hostel we enjoy the views once more and retire to bed ready for our packed day tomorrow.


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