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Hong Kong Day 1

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So we are on the sleeper train after our final train journey of china and we are woken by loud talking down stairs. Overall it wasn’t a bad night’s sleep, for 30 pounds each we had a 14 hour journey and a reasonable bunk each. The time 9:30am I guess I got 8-9 hours sleep and Leona got a bit more (I was playing Fifa of course. I’ve conquered Europe and South America now) we get off the train to go through passport control and are pushed aside by a group of Chinese travelling pensioners, I have kept my manors this trip and been too polite and these old folk really pushed me, the looks of disgust I get, Leona gets the same and I feel my blood pressure rising I want to confront them but no use they don’t speak English so at the next available opportunity I return the favour and bowl through with Leona as if they weren’t there also giving the same look as I received 30 seconds earlier. After going through customs I quickly calm as I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

We arrive 1:30 in HK straight away we get some cash and rush for a cab, off to Chung King mansions we go, 3 highly recommended hostels are all here so we can shop around brilliant! Full of excitement we paid the cab man and rushed into the mansions....the excitement quickly turned to dread! With me very frustrated at the sights before me I barged through the crowds trying to sell me fake goods and suits, now up the lifts to our 1st choice, sadly only profanities can describe such a place! 2nd and 3rd all the same. In fact there are about 50 so called hostels, guest houses and hotels in Chung King all of them vile and I’m not being a snob or anything as we did expect we would have to take the ruff with the smooth but I would rather sleep on the street for 2 reasons first being the floor would be softer and second being there would probably be less cockroaches.

The day is clearly going from bad to worse, we were delayed on the train, aggravated by rude travelling Chinese and now stuck with nowhere to stay. I received a text from mom earlier talking about a nice hostel so we go there; it turns out to be just around the corner. It’s very glamorous next to Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Also expensive the dorms £44 per night so £22 each not over expensive but were apart which were not happy about as both are dorms are empty so we can’t see why we are not at least allowed to have a room together. We are staying here tonight and trying to move somewhere cheaper tomorrow...not Chung King though!

After all that went on with me getting very heated to say the least throughout the day we have a clean stylish room with a roof over our head and hot water so we can’t moan too much. We are going to have days like this but so far everything has run smooth enough so today was very unexpected!

For dinner we went to TGI’s which was nice and then watched the light show along the river for free. Hong Kong seems to have a lot to offer and has certain things very cheap but unfortunately today we haven’t been able to enjoy the city, hopeful tomorrow will bring better fortune for us!


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Beijing, China