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Shanghai Day 5

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The day I was dreading. The day of a 14 hour train journey on hard sleepers.

We spent the morning in the hostel on the internet and researching places to stay and things to do in Hong Kong. after lunch we headed to the train station. We bought some snacks and waited in the waiting room. When they called our train to board we waited to til most of the queue had died down before we joined it. When we showed our tickets to the man he told us no downstairs, but would not give us any further information. Oh my god where the hell were we meant to go? A girl took a look at our tickets and assured us we were in the right place. We again joined the queue and were again told to go downstairs. The girl spoke with the ticket guy and found out where we were meant to go. She took us down to a place where we had to go through paspport control. We finally made it on to the train and found our cabin. There were 6 beds in each cabin, three on each side. It didn't look as bad as I was expecting. So as I have said before I had read that the hard sleepers were really bad and uncomfortable and being on the top bunk was like being in a coffin. What a load of cr*p. It really wasn't that bad. Yeah so you couldn't sit up straight on the top bunk but it was only for sleeping on and the bed was as comfortable as the soft sleeper.

We spent as much time as we could not in our beds. We sat outside the cabin on the little pull down chairs and table playing cards, reading and at one point we went to the restaurant and played chess on the pc. On the way to the restaurant we passed the most expensive cabins. They had two beds one on top of the other but also had a chair and a private bathroom.

I enjoyed the squat toilets on the train very much. Being a female there's nothing better than having to pull your trousers down, sqaut and aim into a hole on the floor whilst standing on a wet floor (which I can only assume was other peoples urine) whilst the train was moving. Nice! I'm glad we never went round any bends while i was in there. Hahaha

The journey wasn't too bad overall and so the dreaded day turned out to be not so bad. Only that James got hassled by a Chinese dude who kept talking to him about football and half the time it was impossible to understand what he was on about. James did a lot of nodding and smiling! :)


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Beijing, China