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Day 3 Shanghai

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Birthday! Today we get up at 9:30 a McDonalds breakfast it is, normal breakfast...well as close as it gets. Now we get back to shower and change, I open cards of my Nan and Aunt, receive a text from my Uncle and I’m missing home already. It’s my first birthday away from home. I have my gift off Leona and we go back to the old town.

We get my caricature made for the 100 we agreed yesterday and have a look around again. Now we go into the Jewellers which is massive and were followed around the whole shop, as Leona asks to look at some pearl earrings the security guard rushes over and doesn’t leave my side, is it my haircut, is it because we are western or do we just smell good? Who knows? Anyway 900 Yuan is the price and there only small, we get that down after some arguing and 40 quid we pay, that’s about right.

Now we have a look around again and return home, the plan was to go on a river boat but that can wait as our legs are killing! We get back about 6:00 and go for diner which was really nice as far as Chinese food goes. I spoke to my Mom and Dad today and really missed home, Leona spoke to her parents and also felt the same we had a sad 5 minutes and pulled ourselves together. I called Nan which was nice I think it made her day and mine!

Now were just chilling in the hostel and having some beers with the laptop on and a film in the background.


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Beijing, China