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Shanghai day 2

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Day 2 shanghai

So today we had a lie in and woke up around 12, not knowing what to do with ourselves we quickly showered got ready and went to the old town, the old town was a market with hundreds of stalls and shops. As we carried on walking we came to what we thought was a dead end, it turned out to be the Yuyuan Gardens, which was built in 1559 in the reign of Ming Emperor Jiajing. The gardens were massive, statues everywhere and traditional buildings. It was tranquil with all colours of plantation. As we left the beautiful park we walked through a zigzag of small bridges over a Koi pond, the Koi were huge! As I walked around taking pictures I thought of my dad’s pond back home and how much he would love some of these fish.

After this lovely walk we decided pizza hut was for lunch, Chinese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner gets too much! The Chinese have no real concept of breakfast they believe insects on sticks, noodles and rice are normal things to eat around 7:30 am. Not my idea of a good meal this early.

After pizza we treated ourselves to an Oreo blizzard at dairy queen followed by some hard bargaining at the shops. I decided I wanted a caricature made 350 Yuan the chance, the bloke around the corner says 50, I get your crazy as a reply, no your crazy 350!!! It’s now down to 200, still too much in my eyes. 50 I say, now I’ve hit a nerve he slams a character he’s just finished off the table...NO NO 150 he says, I say 100, deal done. In reality there was no one around the corner but I paid what I wanted, come back tomorrow for it to be made.

Now Leona wants a tea set for the family two doors up, 200 Yuan the price but deal for us 100, no way too much! How much you want to pay? I say 20, always good to get them angry first they lose all sense of reality and sell you what you want for anything, as I’m getting all this abuse I’m saying fine 40 last price, NO NO NO 80, no chance 60! NOO, fine I walk off as if nothing’s happened; now I’m being chased OK OK OK 60, result 6 quid for a porcelain tea set. Now on to a tea mug for myself, in Beijing we went to the tea room I enjoyed 500 Yuan for pure tea and mug. I’ve got the tea from super market 74 Yuan now the mug, 80 Yuan, no way 3 minutes arguing later and its mine for 3 quid!

After this we headed home, on the way we stop at a mall and Leona gets me a gift for my birthday, a really nice hoody! As we walk up the road to the hostel I decide a haircuts in order, Leona’s dead against it but I did say I was having a Mohican before we came so to the barbers I go and off with the sides. I love my new haircut!

We get in to bed I play Fifa while Leona’s sleeping waiting for birthday!


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Beijing, China