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Shanghai Day 1

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The train journey was long we were very tired when we arrived in Shanghai – especially James as he spent most of the night playing FIFA!

Once we left the train we headed to the ticket office to buy tickets for Hong Kong. The queues were so long it took ages. Our previous two train journeys have been fairly comfortable. We had booked the soft sleepers which consisted of 4 beds in a private room two lower and two higher. Unfortunately there were no soft sleepers left for the train to Hong Kong. Brilliant – I guess i’ll feel like a corpse for the next journey as we will sleeping on the hard sleepers. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be like! NOT. On the way to get taxi to our hostel I sprained my ankle and completely stacked it. I was lying on the floor unable to get up like a tortoise that has ended up on its back and can’t turn over. If I hadn’t had the stupid heavy backpack on I wouldn’t have fell, but it just toppled me. Ow! James had to pull me up while loads of Chinese people were staring.

After buying the tickets we got a cab to our hostel. It’s fairly nice but not as pleasant as the previous one. Once checked in we both took a shower to get refreshed and headed out to check out the city. We walked down the Nanjing Road which is the most commercially prosperous road in China. It has a number of shopping malls and lots of different shops. Also every 5 metres you walk you get hassled by someone trying to sell you fake goods – very annoying especially when the road is 1km long!

At the end of Nanjing Road we came to The Bund. Here we appreciated the views along the river with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. This is the highest building in China and the 3rd highest building in the World. We walked along the Bund until our feet could take no more when we headed back to the hostel for a little break.

James played FIFA – again! I painted my toe nails!



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Beijing, China