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Beijing day two

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So today we had our trip to the Great wall planned, after a rough nights sleep with me getting around 4-5 hours and Leona getting little more, we were slightly grumpy and a little apprehensive about the day ahead. Our mood swiftly changed though on arrival. We were in a small group of just 7 which was nice and arrived at the Great Wall with an hour and a half to explore, we climbed as much as we could in 40 minutes we guess around a thousand plus steps, but it felt like so much more! What a work out some steps were 4 bricks high; it was the ultimate high altitude work out up in the mountains. Some of the steps were nearly as high as Leona’s knee. It was really something special, before arriving I thought it was just a wall that’s huge but it’s much more considering its hand built and in the highest of mountains. Forget building it we could hardly climb it!

After leaving the amazing wall we went for lunch which consisted of rice, noodles and various meat dishes and to our surprise for such a quaint side street restaurant lacking any decor it was really delicious. Straight after lunch we went to Dr.Tea which I wasn’t too fussed about considering I don’t really drink much at home but it was really good. We had green jasmine tea, oolang tea (black dragon tea), puerh tea (wild tea from south china which is kept around 18 years before drinking) and litchi tea.

Now on to the foot massage definitely interesting and was needed after all the walking! This was a foot massage at the 2008 Olympic Centre with a palm reader and Chinese doctor in the room, the palm reader was amusing and doctor a bit of a joke as they told everyone in the room they had some problems and tried taking large sums of money to fix you.  We obviously didn’t buy in and had a good laugh, but some of our group took this wisdom to heart and parted with £900 for an operation of some kind with her friend buying £1100 worth of tablets, these people weren’t forced by the way just bought into all sorts throughout the day spending excess money.

All of the above were included in the trip along with visits to the jade and silk factory which broke the journey up and was in turn interesting, we purchased some silk for Leona and got myself a dragon pendant made from jade; we spent around 8-10 pounds each.

When we got back to the centre of Beijing we decided to hit the market for an hour or 2. We were really walking aimlessly until we saw a busy side road which started the market and it was packed. There were food stalls everywhere we had chicken on a stick and caramelised grapes on a stick not the most adventurous considering there was duckling whole (inc head) snail, lizard, snake, spider, live scorpion and cockroach on offer but we were happy with our choice! Now were sitting at the bar so will update tomorrow bye!


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Beijing, China