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Western Turkey - 2007

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Kusadasi is a fairly large town and seaside resort on the west coast of Turkey, and is the nearest town to Bakkhos Guesthouse (, at which we enjoyed a week and a half's stay. Although much of the inland side of Kusadasi is like a giant building site with many incomplete buildings, roads and pavements, the harbour area and the shopping centre adjacent to it are pleasant places in which to wander, and Ladies' Beach with its pedestrianised promenade is an attractive area in which to relax and swim.

Many large cruise ships dock at Kusadasi because it is an excellent centre from which to visit Ephesus and many other historic and interesting sites.

During our stay there, we visited the nearby ruins of the ancient cities of Priene and Miletus and of the temple of Apollo at Didyma, as well as Ephesus and the towns of Selcuk, near to Ephesus, and Milas, which is famous for its carpets and rugs and is well-known locally for its large weekly outdoor market. (We acquired some very good quality fabric material there at a bargain price!)


We also made our first visit to Greece by taking the ferry to Samos, and spent time in the Kalamaki National Park in the Dilek Peninsula

On our way back to the guest house from Milas, we visited the village of Kapikiri, on the shore of Lake Bafa, where a lady resident ‘seized upon’ us and took us for quite a long walk up onto the adjacent mountain, pointing out to us the different parts of the remains of the ancient settlement of Heraclea on the slopes opposite to it We then enjoyed a meal at the Agora Pension Restaurant a short distance back down the road, before driving back to the guest house. 

A drive of a few hours eastwards from Bakkhos took us to the stunning, brilliant white hillside of Pamukkale, and, on the return journey, we visited the ruins of the fascinating city of Aphrodisias with its vast stadium. Amazingly, at the time, we were the only visitors to this huge site, in stark contrast to the crowds at Ephesus.

We spent our last full day in Kusadasi itself, first in the Ladies Beach area, and then, after leaving the beach when the weather suddenly changed from warm and sunny to windy and wet, in the central shopping area near the harbour. We finished the day with a meal at the Kalyon Restaurant

To see photos of Kusasdasi and the other places that we visited click hereand to see photos of Bakkhos Guesthouse click here.



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Western Turkey (and Samos) 2007

Kusadasi (and Samos), Turkey