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Best Places to Visit in Lisbon

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Built across seven hills that tumble down into the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is an immediately picturesque place that makes for wonderfully relaxed days spent strolling and exploring. But that's not to say Lisbon is all tranquility and Valentine's Day romance; this is also a thriving European city, and an onslaught of culture and nightlife awaits the incoming visitors.

As a result of this multi-faceted nature, Lisbon is becoming increasingly popular on the backpacking circuit. Traveling here is immensely rewarding, and it's also fairly affordable in European terms, with backpackers making the most of a stay in a cheap Lisbon hostel while touring the city's free cultural attractions and enjoying its food and drink without breaking the budget.

Here's a quick rundown, then, of the very best places to visit in Lisbon while visiting the city on a budget...


It may seem a little strange to mention hostels as a top attraction, but Lisbon's hostels are simply so good that they become a vital part of the city itself for backpackers who spend time here. Lisbon probably has the best selection of hostels of any city in the world, and as a result travelers make a point of sampling at least one of its budget travel accommodations.

Travellers House in Lisbon is quite often rated as the very best hostel in the world. This is a stupendously good place, and the only downside of booking a stay here is that it can be tempting to remain within the hostels walls instead of going out and exploring the city!

Lisbon Lounge Hostel also always comes highly recommended. This is a small and eminently swanky place; its plush interiors and long list of amenities means it leads the way when it comes to global flashpacking. Other flashpacking hotspots in the city include the Living Lounge Hostel, and Oasis Backpackers Mansion.

For the budget traveler, the benefits of staying in one of these Lisbon hostels are numerous. Not only is the accommodation cheap, but it also often comes with a kitchen, which means you can cook your own food - always a cheap way of eating while on the road. The hostels are also packed full of likeminded travelers, which means meeting people to party with is never a problem at all!

Free Things to do in Lisbon

As befits a European city of its size, Lisbon boasts of numerous things to do, many of which the savvy budget traveler can experience for free.

Lisbon's museums are a great example. While entrance to places such as the Gulbenkiam Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, and the Maritime Museum normally comes at a cost, these museums open their doors free to the general public every Sunday. Doing a tour of these museums on the last day of the week thus makes for a cultured - and totally free - day spent in Lisbon.

It's also important to remember that Lisbon is a visually stunning place; simply spending hours walking around this beautiful city is a great thing to do. OK, so you'll probably want to stop for the odd coffee or beer while you're at it, but the expense is totally justified if you haven't spent money on entrance fees elsewhere! Besides, eating and drinking in Lisbon is widely inexpensive, especially if you stick to the local beer and set menus.

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Best Places to Visit in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal